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A home inspection will provide peace of mind and help take the stress out of buying a home. The best way to protect your investment is with a professional home inspection

The purchase of a home is usually the single largest expense you will have in your lifetime. When spending a few hundred thousand dollars on a piece of property, it is important to protect yourself from fraud and misrepresentation. A home inspection will identify issues with a property and provide a detailed report to the home buyer and lender. In most situations, the organization providing mortgage financing will require a home inspection before finalizing a loan. 

Our inspection reports are available within 48 hours of a completed inspection. They are comprehensive and clearly detail the results of the inspection.

Here’s what will be covered in your home inspection report:
  •  Exterior - Windows and doors, gutters and drainage, stairs,   steps and handrails, walls and siding, roofs, chimneys. 

  •  Interior - Walls, floors, ceilings, ventilation

  •  Structural - Attic, basement and crawlspace, foundation   walls.

  •  Mechanical Systems - Electrical, plumbing, heating and air   conditioning, water heaters, appliances.

  •  Outdoor Items - Garages, decks, patios, porches and   balconies, driveways, walkways, fences, trees and shrubs. 

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Additional Services Available:


  • Radon testing - Check our FAQs page for detailed information on radon testing.

  • Water quality testing

  • Air quality testing

  • Pre-Offer Consultation Service - Learn More

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Click here to read the South Carolina Home Inspector Standards of Practice for full details on all items to be inspected.

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